New Research Project in Sierra Leone

In January 2019 we are kicking off our project in Sierra Leone where we are developing in partnership with the University of Canberra, Health Research Institute, and Dreamtown a research protocol that measures subjective wellbeing in young people. This project aims to improve wellbeing and resilience of youth in informal settlements in three major cities across the Sierra Leone by dreaming their public spaces for a healthier community.

We received an award!

Urban Synergies Group has been awarded with a commendation from the Planning Institute of Australia  in the category „Public Engagement and Community Planning“ for our Urban Thinkers Campus „Shaping Spaces for GenZ“. We would like to express gratitude to all stakeholders involved that the community members that are committed to create a healthy future for the next generation.

Making Canberra a human-centred city

Now available on our website the „Making Canberra a human-centred city“ Charter.  This document is a commitment to drive positive change towards better urban design outcomes that respond well to community and context specific approaches to city building. Access the charter here