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A) Play spaces in Vietnam

Support sustainable play spaces in Vietnam. In collaboration with our partner Think Playground we want to make sure that children in urban areas get a chance to play safely and healthily, so that they can develop to their full potential. One of the exemplar projects case is the NGOC KHANH playground in Hanoi. This is your opportunity to help create smiles on the faces of 200 children in the near by area that have no free space to play and have fun.


This is a collaboration between Urban Synergies Group and Think Playgrounds.

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B) Tunnel talk project in Canberra, Australia

Tunnel Talk aims to enrich this resource by transforming the under-road tunnels into vibrant community assets that also promote discussion, provide information, enhance way finding and add to the flavour of Canberra as a liveable and sustainable city.

A typical under-road tunnel is dark and unwelcoming, the entrance is subject to erosion and walls both inside and out often feature undesirable and poor quality graffiti. Community engagement with the tunnels is core to the Tunnel Talk project. It is envisaged that each tunnel will have a theme that projects a social good or service, environmental, promotional or educational message. Key to the development of the theme for each tunnel will be careful consideration and potentially consultation of the local community, its demographic and local destinations including schools, parks and tourist attractions.