Take Action


Choose a pathway that suits your personality and purpose, because your individual actions and choices matter!


You are a person with expertise.
Benefits are:

  • A collective resource knowledge pool.
  • Find like minded individuals and entities through knowledge exchange.
  • Channel your research to key people where it can inform policy development and raise awareness amongst populations.
  • Get exposure to a worldwide audience that is interested in health and well-being of urban systems.
  • Collective learning through regular contact with Urban Synergies Group.


You are a visionary business entity that takes its corporate responsibility seriously.
Benefits are:

  • Provide Pro-bono services and contribute to enable better evidence based policy advice and actions that aim to improve the health and well-being of communities.
  • Improve your image amongst your target group.
  • Create a legacy.


You are a passionate individual or entity that believes in the Urban Synergies Group philosophy and cause.
Benefits are:

  • Learn more about how the natural and built environment can shape your personal health and well-being.
  • Tips and info graphics that help you to make better informed decisions around healthy design.
  • Information that provide new ideas on how to make your environment friendlier for all generations.


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To learn more or receive further information about us, please contact us on info(at)urbansynergiesgroup.org