meet Gregor

Executive Director

Dr. Gregor Mews developed a genuine curiosity to figure out what makes people feel cosy and comfortable in different environments around the globe.

He studied and lived through several different socio- political systems that have formed and shaped the built environment in various forms. Growing up in Germany, living in the US and working as an urban planner/ designer in Colombia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Netherlands and  in Australia has defined and shaped his thinking.

Greg’s approach to human environments is a creative and non-linear process, in which spaces are socially produced while becoming products that ultimately influence how we behave and interact. With an integrated, efficient and holistic approach we can ensure many generations to come can benefit of awareness and complexities that enable places where we can live fulfilling lives.

Urban Synergies Group is his brain child. He can be contacted under gregor(at)

Key expertise:

  • sustainable development
  • sustainable mobility (public transport systems, personal mobility, bicycling and walking)
  • play and play spaces
  • healthy planning
  • integrated urban design
  • child friendly cities
  • strategic policy advice
  • international knowledge exchange


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Gregor Mews