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Change is necessary for cities to successfully respond to ever changing needs of their citizens. With the development of new technologies, transportation systems, global capital and great migrations to successful cities, that change has accelerated. To be attractive, cities need to respond to change and to be loved, they need to remember and celebrate their past. Contemporary cities are struggling between change and the rootedness of their built environments.

Dr Milica Muminović’s research investigates the transformations of built environments, which maintain their identities, taking a case study approach, coupled with lived experience from Europe to South East Asia. Dr Muminović aims to understand degrees and types of change, through a study of successful examples,  to inform the design of better places.

Assistant professor Milica Muminović is an architect in the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra. She gained her PhD from Keio University, Japan.  Dr Muminović was part of the team which developed the winning design for the ‘Next Generation Sustainable House’ in Japan.

Key expertise:

  • Studies on qualities of urban identity
  • Place, space studies in between architecture and urban design
  • International context

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Milica Muminovic

Milica Muminović