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Healthy cities rely on a transport mix, with high priority given to the needs of people – not just cars and goods.  This view is becoming more widely accepted but much needs to be done to correct the balance.  Active travel – walking, cycling and public transport, requires significant investment, and consideration in all aspects of transport and land use planning.

Early in his career Peter Strang was a specialist in road safety, and carried out leading-edge research into drink/driving and driver training.  He has BSc (Hons), with a major in psychology, and MBA degrees.

He has been an advocate for local and national cycling organisations and has developed resource material for the promotion of cycling, for active travel infrastructure, and for planning workplace bicycle fleets. Peter was a key contributor to the formation of a national cycling training body (AustCycle).

He has been working in the transport/ planning space for the last 10 years and is a consultant to a leading transport planning firm.  He is currently involved in active travel infrastructure planning, the integration of land use and transport planning, and the development of planning and evaluation instruments for active travel end-of-trip facilities.

Key expertise:

  • Planning for active travel infrastructure
  • The development of active travel resource material
  • Transport and land use planning in an urban environment


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Peter Strang