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We identify the best ways to improve urban systems without borders by creating effective synergies in a complex global environment that enables better health and well-being outcomes for all people. A small selection of services ranging from transport and health seminars, child friendly environments to health and planning is listed for your consideration below (click on the images):


Services of Urban Synergies Group (ABN 73610612470) occur in the following fields:

  • Urban design and planning
  • Active mobility
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Research
  • Training
  • Strategic governance and policy advice

Community planning and design:

  • Collaborative approach in all process, planning and design as well as implementation
  • Facilitation and Moderation of events and seminars
  • Co-design and community consultation
  • Urban reactivation and revitalisation project advice

Strategy development (management consultants): 

  • Planning games and scenario building
  • Training and strategic policy advice
  • Evaluation
  • Integrated planning and design solutions for large development projects
  • Health Impacts Assessments for walking, cycling and public transport
  • Qualified translation of research results into planning processes and practice
  • Documentation

Knowledge transfer through experience:

  • Urban mobility and land use integration
  • Smart city approach v.s. intelligent communities
  • Child friendly cities
  • Renewable energy policy
  • Liveability concepts for all people
  • Natural playspace and playscape concepts
  • Need and Post- occupancy analysis
  • Master planning advice for:
    – urban development
    – urban renewal projects
    – improvement of urban spaces
    – urban green infrastructure
    – environmental design
  • Advice on Tactical Urbanism
  • Guideline and Resource development

Our ‘think and do’ tank team would be delighted to discuss these services with you – contact us here.

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