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Gregor Mews

Gregor H Mews is an internationally recognised urban planner and designer. He has dedicated his career to making people feel cosy and comfortable in different environments. Greg’s philosophy is based on sustainable and healthy development with our collective bio-history in mind.

In order to enable meaningful change he founded in 2013 the international „Think and Do” Tank Urban Synergies Group. Greg utilises skills in integrated urban design and sustainable transport to facilitate and integrate healthier and climate resilient environments that promote interaction and well‐being. In the role of the Director, Greg provides strategic policy advice in international context and advocates for better design outcomes in urban systems for example as a Steering Committee member of UN-Habitats World Urban Campaign.

Greg holds an honorary adjunct position at the Centre for Research and Action in Public Health at the University of Canberra and is a member of the General Assembly of Partners to UN-Habitat, International Play Association and the Planning Institute of Australia.

Over the course of his career, Greg has received several research scholarships and received multiple work-related awards- one for the Active Living Impact checklist for developments in the Canberra. He is also a published author in Germany and Australia.

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Picture taken by Adam Thomas
Greg @TEDxCanberra

Core interests

  • sustainable development
  • sustainable green infrastructure
  • active mobility (public transport systems, e-cars, personal mobility devices, bicycling and walking)
  • open cities
  • play spaces
  • intelligent communities in relation to the smart city approach
  • healthy planning and design
  • integrated urban design
  • child and age friendly cities
  • policy advice
  • governance
  • international knowledge exchange


Awards & recognition

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