aspirational goals

Our Vision

We are achieving meaningful impacts in urban systems that led to improved outcomes on health and well-being.

Our Goals

  • To become a trusted advisor to key decision makers in the area of social and urban planning.
  • To positively influence and support those  activities that make a valuable contribution to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions through strategic policy advice and research translation.
  • To be identified by our peers and stakeholders as international experts in the field of urban health and planning.
  • To build strong international bridges between academia, government, non- government organisations and businesses.

Areas where we know our services can make a difference:

  • Cross government and organisational issues
  • Innovation and creative thinking
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Better food access in urban systems
  • Child friendly environments
  • Built environment solution to physical and mental health issues
  • Impacts of  the smart cities agenda on health and well-being
  • Design for health and well-being in urban design and planning projects
  • Increase liveability
  • Achieving renewable energy targets
  • Strategic advice on ambitious climate change targets
  • Solutions for integrated landscape design and management
  • Meaningful engagement with the community
  • Social inclusion
  • Improved air quality
  • Reduced pollution.

If your city, business or organisation wants to achieve some of these goals – we can help you!

Our Ethical Behaviour

The profits that are meaningful and generated through support of the network will be put aside. Through collaboratively decision making they will redistributed for a good cause either to community groups in countries that need support most or outcome focused interdisciplinary research. A strong code of conduct ensures the we deliver what we promised to do.

The code of conduct can be accessed here.