Benefits for all

Through better socially awareness, an strong sustainability philosophy and economically responsible practice in the field of integrated urban design, play, health, ageing in place, renewable energy and active mobility solutions – we want to achieve benefits for all people living in these environments.


So far we found the best way to do that is through strategic advice to people on better urban policy with an transformation focus independently and research based. Research, training, testing and evaluation are some of our methods to shape healthy communities.


1. Understanding the principle of sustainable development.
2. Identification of related systems in a local context.
3. Analysis of these systems in relation to our sustainable development model and find critical aspects and practice in the client situation, explore individual solutions and train local resources step by step.
4. Evaluate and coordinate improvements in our clients system.
5. Make sure trade offs are balanced and benefit all people in long term.
6. Collective reflection and interdisciplinary collaboration on outcomes and targeted amendments where required.

We believe that our services and continuous efforts can help to:

  • Raise awareness and increase peoples health and well-being in the built environment
  • Create benefits for the natural environment
  • Build synergies internationally, and
  • Achieve¬†quality productive, sustainable, liveable and equitable places where people life, work and play.