Urban Synergies Group declares biodiversity and climate emergency

Power to the people- last Friday our team from Urban Synergies Group actively participated among many around the globe at the climate strike in Canberra, Australia. Because every action matters we were handing our infographics about climate responsive urban design and healthy living during the event which attracted 15,000 passionate individuals. We formally express our compassion and solidarity with the future generations and all living beings on this planet. To learn more about our actions visit  us on https://www.facebook.com/urbansynergiesgroup/

Implementing the New Urban Agenda for children and young people in urban systems

Urban Synergies Group will be part of the upcoming ISOCARP world congress „Beyond the Metropolis“ in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our team will share our latest research findings and actions related to children and young people in cities. Further we will launch latest article on creating spaces for young people in informal settlements in Sierra Leone in collaboration with Dreamtown.ngo and the University of Canberra- Health Research Institute during the World Congress. Our Founder Greg Mews will also delivering a special training session and introduce a novel urban analysis approach to understanding public space through the study of public life. Be part of it or learn more about this event 09-13 September 2019- click here: https://isocarp2019.isocarp.org/en/

ACT’s long, winding road ahead to a more sustainable future

The online Magazine The Fifth Estate recent interviews established voices for sustainable urban development in Canberra and our Founder and Director Gregor Mews was part of it. Want to learn more about the vision we offer for the capital of Australia- click here to access the article: https://www.thefifthestate.com.au/urbanism/planning/acts-long-winding-road-ahead-to-a-more-sustainable-future/

ICLEI Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy

On the 6th of June 2019, Urban Synergies Group’s Founder and Director Gregor Mews will take part in the second national roundtable on the Paris Agreement and local governments’ climate action. The event will be held in Canberra and stands for an ongoing commitment to continue the conversation in spirit of genuine collaboration with CURF, GIZ, ICLEI and the European Union.